Next chapter please😊😊😊 love you mangakiss😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 What happened to kha kha! 😟😟 Please give us more chapter pls πŸ˜† Oh no! I hope Kha Kha will be well. Thank you for downloading. I didn`t understand in which chapter Kha Kha was taken hostage? Innocuous has an idea? The best manga I`ve ever read. Thank you very much. other updates please No, he is not, he just had a vasectomy, but this may be canceled. I die for another chapter If something happens to the FL, the ML will go crazy Arghhhhh please don`t die khakha you know you won`t leave without yourself, please don`t die hmm we can`t just kill this slut, I hope karma hits her no, but I think something bad happened to Captain Liang What chapter 😭😒😩😫😭 will it be? And their identity? Thanks to Ming you will be very angry with Captain Liang Cheng!! He ordered him to stay to guarantee Kha Kha e`s safety for the 2 times he was not there and something happened For ML and FL there is less romance, especially it is a misunderstanding. 😏 How did you know? Where did you read? When will the next chapter be published? Yes, they have fraternal twins. They had a very happy ending. πŸ“› WHAT`S THE POINT OF THIS B***H TAKE USELESS TO LEARN SELF-DEFENSE ON THE ISLAND ALL THE TIME? SHE IS THE MOST USELESS MEMBER OF THE TEAM! EVEN KHAΒ², WHO HASN`T LEARNED ENOUGH SKILLS ON THE ISLAND, KNOWS WHAT TO DO IN SUCH A SITUATION! !️ !️ Does anyone know where the manga/Manhua finished of the novel is located? ?️ 😭😭 ugh It`s waiting every weekend for a new game to come out.

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