A certificate issued by a registrar of a company to the promoters of the company after the registration of the company in accordance with the Companies Ordinance 1984 is called a certificate of incorporation. (4) The minimum members in public limited companies are: a) 4 b) 2 c) 8 d) 7 There is no limit to the maximum number of shareholders in public limited companies. A document that establishes the creation of the company and therefore the basis on which the structure of the company is based is called a memorandum association. A certificate issued by the company to creditors (investors) for the security of debts under the seal of a company is called a bond. Expenses incurred by developers for the establishment of a company are called initial costs. A company that owns more than 50% of the shares of another company is called a holding company. If, for certain reasons, a corporation cannot file a prospectus at the registrar, a statement such as the prospectus filed at the registrar is initially called a statement instead of the prospectus. The rules and regulations that are subordinated to the articles of association, which deal with the internal management of the company, are called the articles of association. A person (institution) who promises project promoters to buy the remaining shares of a company that are not purchased by the public is called an underwriter. A company where each shareholder offers a guarantee to contribute a certain amount to the company if it is liquidated due to certain circumstances. 9.

The official signature of a company is: (a) Prospectus (b) Bonds (c) Shares (d) Common Seal A company established by the Royal Order is called a chartered company. Debentures that are secured against the expense of the company`s assets are called mortgage bonds. The amount that shareholders invest in a company is called capital. A company lives its own name, but it cannot sign its documents as a natural person, so instead of signatures, a seal with the name of the company is used. The joint-stock company is established in accordance with the Companies Ordinance 1984. Shares of a corporation to which a fixed dividend rate is paid before common shares. Debt securities in which the name of their holders is recorded in the books of a company are called registered bonds. A company in which the liability of its shareholders is limited to the value of its shares is called a public limited company. A document issued by promoters after a company is incorporated to encourage the public to buy shares of the company is called a prospectus. A company in which the liability of its shareholders is unlimited is called an unlimited company. The registration of a company in the Commercial Register by promoters in accordance with the Companies Ordinance 1984 is called incorporation. A bond converted into shares constitutes a debt instrument.

The documents of ownership of a share that the shareholder holds in a company are called a share certificate. The profit of a company that is distributed among the shareholders is called a dividend. Debt securities repaid by bondholders after a certain period of time against payment to the Company are called repayable bonds. 2. The word limited should appear after the name of (a) partnership (b) registered company (c) legal company (d) chartered company Finding another job can be so cumbersome that it can become a job itself. Prepare well for interviews to get the job of your dreams. Here`s our recommendation on the important things you need to prepare for the interview to easily achieve your career goals. The corporation is where shares can be bought and sold by shareholders. Shareholders can transfer their shares to others without affecting the sustainability of the company. Certifications available to know how shares are held and when to buy and sell. Follow our Wisdomjobs page for the Q&A page of a public company interview to make your interview a success on your first attempt.

1. A corporation is created by (a) the government (b) the directors (c) the developers (d) the owners The persons who undertake to form a company in relation to certain properties and to determine its operation and to take the necessary measures to achieve these objectives are called promoters. If a company receives fewer requests for issue capital, this situation is represented by the subscription. The liability of the shareholders of the corporation is limited to the value of the shares acquired. Yes, they can transfer their shares through the exchange. A maximum amount of capital on which a company has the right to issue is called authorized capital. Company registered as a registered company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. A company is an artificial person created by law and has a separate legal entity with a permanent existence and a common seal. 10. The Company is managed by the group of persons named: (a) Board of Directors (b) Group of Members (c) Team of Shareholders (d) None of the above Persons A public limited company may issue prospectors to ask the public to purchase shares, while a private company may not issue a prospectus. 8. How many members must sign a partnership agreement with a private company? (a) Five (b) Seven (c) Two (d) Ten An authorized capital of a corporation is divided into equal shares called shares A single unit is called a share.

Or a certificate issued by the company against a subscription, which gives its holder the right and profit, is called a share. .